CAT7200 Introduction. CAT7200 converts changes in the RTS signal on a Virtual COM Port to ICOM CI-V PTT commands. It allows sound card based digital modem programs, such as the UZ7HO soundmodem, which do not support PTT via CAT commands to be used with ICOM radios with built in soiundcards. ICOM CI-V CONTROL via OMNIRIG Information based on recent WIN10 upgrade and fresh program installs. Noting CI-V issues with Omnirig (non intentional by them). Jan 2020. OP VK2GIB (Australia) My Setup in a nutshell Ic7600 (USB COM3) Omni Rig control IC7600 remote jack (ci-v) to SPE amp 1.3K-FA Spe control of Ultrabeam (via SPE Port to UltraBeam ... CI-V Test is a small programm which allows to enter commands directly (in hex) and send them to the rig. Responses are displayed in hex bytes and also in a decoded text format. All ICOM CI-V commands are recognized, including the new R75 commands.

Eliminate unusual behavior of your Icom CI-V bus while under computer control? Use a CI-V Router! This box is an intelligent replacement for the ICOM ® IC CT-17. It provides a USB interface to the PC and three isolated CI-V ports, with ICOM ® message store and forward between each of the total of four ports to prevent collisions. With the CI-V Transceive parameter turned on, the transceiver not only accepts control commands from the computer (by detecting its individual address), but also accepts all information sent to the computer by another transceiver as a command to change its own operating parameter.